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 My name is Aubree, I’m the owner and pink obsessed designer behind fatally feminine designs. My passion is jewelry and design, and by the grace of God I was able to start Fatally Feminine Designs in 2008, 15 years ago now!

     I operate every aspect of FFD from initial design to hand-making every piece of jewelry you see on this website, customer service, packing and shipping, marketing and much more. My mission is to not only provide the most adorable and unique accessories, but to create artwork that brings people hope, joy and happiness. I seek to emulate Jesus and His values in every aspect of my business, which means aiming to share His love and hope with others. I also strive to ensure every item I make just for you is the highest quality and best value possible, meaning that the jewelry you buy will last for years to come!

I view this business as a ministry and my work for the Lord. He has unique plans for each and every one of us and our lives. He's shown me that the way He has designed and purposed me is to be an artist and to make His love and salvation known through something very unique - cute jewelry!

If you would like to support me, consider donating to help me continue in my mission. Any amount (even $1) is a huge blessing. Thank you so much for just reading this page. Your prayers are also appreciated. God bless!

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