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Fatally Feminine Designs Studio

     My name is Aubree, I’m the owner and pink obsessed designer behind fatally feminine designs – couture quality hand-crafted jewelry for the fashion rebels, kawaii enthusiasts, and all babes with killer style! I love the 90s, Gwen Stefani, platforms, unicorns, rainbows, cats, glitter, and all things Japan! My passion is jewelry and design. I am completely self taught, learning from years of experience. My educational background is in business and I am proud to say I hold two business degrees, including an MBA. I started Fatally Feminine Designs over 9 years ago as a hobby, now it’s been my full time job for 4 and a half years.



     I operate every aspect of FFD from initial design sketches to finishing products, customer service, packing and shipping, marketing and much more. My mission is to not only provide the most magical and unique accessories, but to encourage every girl to be themselves (because girl you better werrrk!). I also ensure every item I make just for you is the highest quality and best value possible.

     I make the best jewelry for the best babes. You can’t find these pieces anywhere else. Let the magic begin!

     P.S. If you were wondering the name "Fatally Feminine Designs" was inspired by my addiction to all things overly cute and girly. So girly, it might actually be fatal! ;)

     Connect with me on instagram to learn more about me! I share behind the scenes photos of my studio, my daily life, my struggles with anxiety and work with the #anxiousgirlsclub, even photos of my wedding and chances for you to vote on new designs!