Magical Creature Collection – Jewelry for Unicorns!


Chances are you have probably heard the news by now that Fatally Feminine Designs will be releasing a new collection in February called “Magical Creature”. But what you haven’t heard yet is the behind the scenes work that went into it or my inspirations for creating it in the first place.

When I decided to take the big leap into making FFD a full time business over 2 years ago, I always had a vision for the kind of business it would be, the kind of products I would create, but mostly the kind of customer I wanted to have. I wanted her to be anything but average, I wanted her to be the girl you want to be friends with or the one you hope to be. Cool, but not really trying to be, fun, kind of mysterious, edgy but still girly with a style 100% her own.


I am lucky enough to know quite a few girls like this and have been able to work with several on business projects over the past couple years. And these women never stop surprising me with their amazing style and giving me all those girl power feels. It’s these girls that embody a “Magical Creature”, they’re actually unicorns irl. They inspired this collection 100%. I took their vibes and mixed them with some good old nostalgia from some of my favs like My Little Pony, 90s fashion, Rainbow Brite, Spice Girls etc to create a collection that’s kawaii -fun- edgy -sexy.


Initial sketch for mlp inspired designs

After this inspiration every piece started with an initial design concept in my head (day-dreaming sometimes pays off), then a rough sketch. After that I cleaned up, colored in and digitalized my sketches. Most of these became pins and patches. I spent weeks pouring over color choices, thread options and product features to make sure each one was perfect for this collection and crazy high quality. Three dimensional jewelry started with concepts and sketches, then I sculpted each piece carefully by hand from scratch. After hours and hours of refining details, final pendants were produced by my US based manufacturing partner. Finally, each piece of jewelry is hand-assembeled by me before shipping out to you.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.37.29 AM

Colored in sketch concepts & choker prototype




Sculpting the pegasus design in my studio

This collection will feature three different iron-on patch designs, three brand new super cute enamel pins, two new statement necklaces, three new chokers (did someone say crushed velvet?!), and three new pendant necklaces. Each piece will be higher quality than I’ve ever offered before at super affordable prices. Everything will be $75 and under, with tons of items under $10!


New Hologram Crystal Unicorn Necklaces

I have never been more proud or excited for a new collection and am dying to share these new products with you. Most orders also come on these gorgeous hologram cards! This collection will be released the second week of February (please follow on social media for exact release date) in limited quantities so grab up your favs fast! Everything will be available in the FFD Etsy Shop.


New holo packaging and unicorn necklaces

New collections will most likely now be released every 3 months, so follow on instagram and Facebook for insider sneak peeks and release dates! #magicalcreature on Instagram for a chance to be featured.